TRS – Prof. Derek Long (King’s College London and Scientific Advisor, Schlumberger) – From Plans to Performance

When: 23.3.2022 at 15:00

Where: zoom

Abstract: In 2016, Schlumberger started to deploy automated drilling, using plan-based control, across multiple rigs in several basins. Five years later, the technology has drilled more than half-a-million feet under fully autonomous control, with an estimated 17% efficiency improvement over human operations. A significant challenge in this deployment has been the range of rigs on which the system has been deployed, each with different degrees of access to control systems, different sensors and all of them in different geophysical settings. In this talk I will outline the planning technology and the benefits it has brought in the achievement of this success, the approaches we have adopted to interfacing between planning and execution, the scope of some of the other uses we have found for the same approach and, depending on time, some of the planning-related problems we are currently investigating.