TASP PhD Seminar – Omer Nir – Reactive Planning for Dynamic Legged Maneuvers Using Motion Primitive Library

Work towards PhD degree under the supervision of  Prof. Amir Degani

When: 14.4.2022 at 11:00 

Where: Zoom

The seminar will be held in hybrid format: Water institute auditorium

Abstract: In recent years, there has been considerable advancement in the fields of planning and control of legged robots, but legged robots are still extremely limited. Most research effort has been directed toward bipedal walking and quadrupedal walking and running, and not so much at bipedal running. Dynamic-legged locomotion is difficult to plan and execute, it requires robust control strategies and fast planning algorithms. In this work, we describe a strategy for traversing uneven complex terrain without the need to perform explicit foot placement. This will be achieved using a funnel library approach in combination with an online receding horizon planner. Thus, enabling the robot to take full advantage of its dynamics and the potential reaction forces presented by the environment. We demonstrate, in simulation, multiple scenarios, from traversing a low-friction obstacle, all the way to inclined surfaces and chute climbing with intermittent low-friction patches. We present an efficient approach for generating transitions from running to climbing without the need for a long planning horizon. We investigate the SLIP, ASLIP, and the actuated SLIP models and several in-stride control approaches.