Technion Robotics Seminar (TRS) – Ronen Brafman

Ronen Brafman – Ben-Gurion University

When: 08.06.2022 at 15:00

Where: zoom

Abstract: While one-trick robots are abundant in industry, constructing an autonomous robot that can perform multiple tasks flexibly, such as a service robot, is a difficult task, we are yet to reach. A large number of robotics researchers have been working hard to design and implement algorithms for diverse robotic skills. But these skills are hard to put together: A lot of software engineering and thought goes into each script that operates them. In this talk I will present a research program seeking to change this situation, providing plug’s play autonomy for robotic via what we call the autonomous operating system  (AOS).

This system uses a language we designed for documenting robotic skill code to provide the AOS with the information needed to decide when and how tol execute each skill.

No additional software-engineering effort is required beyond this specification.

I will describe our initial version of this system and our future plans.

The talk is non-technical and requires little background.


You can see the seminar here