Liberzon, Dan

Associate Professor
History Highlights:
  • Dan Liberzon, is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, He is heading the Technion Sea-Atmosphere Interactions Research Laboratory (T-SAIL). His research is in the fields of Environmental Fluid Dynamics. Focusing on experimental methodologies investigating various aspects of atmospheric turbulent flows, sea waves-wind interactions, nonlinear and breaking water waves, two-phase flows and heat and mass transfer. Current research interests are mainly in the fields of developing new methodologies and technologies for open field/sea and laboratory sensing data processing of of turbulent atmospheric flows, water waves, and other related phenomena. Many of the new methodologies and algorithms involve Machine Learning, remote sensing using acoustic and visual sensors, and aim to automate the experimental setups, provide novel data processing and physical mechanisms detection algorithms.
Research Interests:
  • Environmental Flows, water waves, turbulence
  • Experiments automation
  • Experimental technologies and sensors
  • Data processing
Photo of Liberzon, Dan