Bitterman, Noemi

Associate Professor
History Highlights:
  • Founder and Academic advisor, Master of Industrial Design (MID) with focus on Medical and Social Design, Division of Continuing Education and External Studies, Technion, Tel Aviv (since 2010). Visiting Prof. University of Venice IUAV, Italy (since 2016). Chair of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning, Technion (2003-2016). Head of the Research Unit of the Israeli Naval Medical Institute (1982-1997).
Research Interests:
  • Design in disaster and emergency.
  • Smart home, multisensory design, multimodal interfaces, remote monitoring, health smart home (HSH).
  • Design & Human Factors in medicine: Home healthcare, medical devices, electronic medical record (EMR), mHealth.
  • Healthcare facilities- operating room of the future, multimodal displays, portable hospitals.
  • Design for the Aging population, active aging, personalization.
  • Human Factors and Design in diving and extreme environments, underwater architecture (Aquatecture).
  • Evidence Based Design (EBD) Methodologies.
  • Transfer of Technology, technology and design.
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Photo of Bitterman, Noemi