Lotan, Noah

Professor Emeritus
History Highlights:
  • A Chemical Engineer by basic training, he received the PhD degree (with Distinction) in Biophysics from the Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel). Following a three year post-doctoral stay at Cornell University in the US as a Fulbright Fellow, he was appointed Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel). Here he established and Headed the Sherman Center for Research in Biomaterials. He was a visiting scientist at universities in US, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK and Mexico, as well as at a Pharma company (Switzerland). For ten years he lectured at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Boston, US) on Controlled Drug Delivery Systems. He published reviewed articles and patents, lectured at International Conferences and authored a book on Biochemical Logic Systems. His current activities focus on Biomaterials and, particularly, on Intelligent Biomaterials.
Research Interests:
  • Biomaterials : Medical and non-medical applications
  • Intelligent systems for drug targeting: Cancer metastases and vascular lesions
  • Immobilized enzymes and sorbents for biotechnological applications
  • Extracorporeal and fully-implanted biosystems for metabolic support
  • Bioengineering, biotechnology and artificial biological systems
  • Separation and purification of biomaterials: Process engineering
  • Multifunctional scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Molecular electronics and biochemical assemblies as neural networks
  • Drug resistance: Metabolic reprogramming and therapeutics
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Photo of Lotan, Noah