Schechner, Yoav

Research Interests:
  • Computer Vision
  • Computational Photography
  • Tomographic atmospheric recovery
  • Refractive distortions (virtual periscope)
  • Imaging through turbid (scattering) media e.g., overcoming haze and underwater imaging
  • Spaceborne multiview recovery
  • Computational imaging on the electric grid; illumination multiplexing
  • Separation and reconstruction of semireflections and transparent layers
  • Polarization and multispectral imaging; radiometric self-calibration
  • Overcoming and exploiting lens-flare and random illumination caustics
  • Recovery limits under pointwise degradations
  • Audio-visual analysis
  • 3D shape estimation based on defocus and diffracted-rotated PSFs
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Photo of Schechner, Yoav